“When you’re from the South, Sweet Tea isn’t just another drink.

It’s a way of life.”

Who we are + What We Do

We are makers of Premium Teas blended for Southern Sweet Tea.

Our teas are simply better because they are produced to higher standards than your typical tea bag style tea.

We select the freshest teas for our blends from some of the finest growing regions on earth.

We are makers of “Sweet Tea Shirts.” Sweet Tea Junkie began as an apparel company
and to this day we stay true to our roots with stylish, perfect fitting tea shirts.

We are tea nerds, consuming every bit of knowledge on tea available. That means a LOT of books on tea.
We don’t hoard this knowledge, check out our blog. It’s full of great stuff.

Born in the South. Show us your Southern Sweet Tea with #SweetTeaJunkie



  • This Mango Black Tea from Sweet Tea Junkie is the jam - and I don't even like flavored tea!

    Stacey Little, SouthernBite.com
  • I am very happy with my purchases, and the company are excellent at communicating to let you know how your order is doing. Keep the tea flowing sweet tea

    Lou Allum, UK
  • Sweet Tea Junkie tea, sugar, H20, and a slice of lemon. Heaven in a glass

    Tri E.
  • Thanks Sweet Tea Junkie for some amazing blends. The Pomegranate Green Tea makes my house smell awesome and tastes even better. Can't wait to get more.

    Jamie S.
  • Totally impressed with the freshness and overall quality of taste! Sweet Tea Junkies Tea will be the only tea on my shopping list! Thanks!

    Dani P.
  • I've had this shirt for years, and love it. It hasn't faded or stretched, and I consistently get complimented. Its one of my favorites for sure.

    Kate Ruth
  • My Husband and I have tried and love the tea!

    Shana Deatherage
  • I enjoyed the teas. Very smooth...

    Shea Young
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