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Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Loose leaf tea vs tea bags

Loose leaf tea vs tea bags We at Sweet Tea Junkie have had quite a few folks asking what makes our tea different from the store bought teas? When I explain the differences I like to go into detail about Loose Leaf teas which are in general a higher quality better tasting tea, and tea in ready…

What is Green Tea?

What is Green Tea

In our last little get together we explored black tea and what it is, this go around we’ll answer the question that likely keeps you up hours each night.. What is Green Tea? OK, so chances are if anything is keeping you up hours each night it isn’t that question, more likely it would be…

What is Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

What is Black Tea? If you’ve spent any amount of time around the Sweet Tea Junkie brand whether browsing our website or hanging out with us at any of the many events we attend throughout the year then you likely know that we offer a variety of premium teas, including our signature blend, which is…

Where does tea come from?

Where does tea come from?

The question, where does tea come from? May or may not have crossed your mind while sipping a tall glass of Iced Sweet Tea, or unsweet tea.. if that’s your thing?! At any rate, most of us have no idea where that beautiful liquid gold comes from before it makes its way to our local…

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