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How to make a Bat House

How to make a bat house DIY

In our previous post you learned a little history of, and how to make your own sweet tea. In this edition you’ll learn how to make a bat house! You’re probably thinking why would I want to make a bat house that’s kinda scary?! Actually, bats have gotten a bad rap they can be very beneficial to an area especially if you are trying to control the local insect population. I don’t know about the area that you’re from but here in Central Florida in the summer months the mosquito’s can at times become almost unbearable where you can’t walk from your front door to your mailbox without getting “eaten up.” I did some research online, and found that a single bat can eat up…

How to make Sweet Tea?

How to make Southern Style Sweet Tea

  So, you want to learn how to make sweet tea? Lucky for you, we at Sweet Tea Junkie know a thing or two about making this most amazing beverage and thus have decided to devote some time to show you the fine art of brewing up the drink that is uniquely “The South.” Before we get started with a few sweet tea recipes allow me to show you through a brief history of sweet tea and explain why it is that this very simple drink is so celebrated. First, tea itself is a drink that traces its roots back thousands of years, and by most estimations is the second most popular drink in the world after of course water. Sweet Tea is quite a…

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