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We like to fill up a big ole glass of Sweet Tea, grab our hammer, saw and some good pieces of wood and build stuff. Luckily, we bring our camera to document that entire process and share the results (and how to build what we build) with you! Like DIY? Check us out!

How to build a factory cart coffee table

Factory Cart - Completed

Are you ready to learn How to build a factory cart coffee table? Perhaps you already have one laying around, and want to learn how to restore an old factory cart. You’ve come to the right place but first things first, grab yourself some Sweet Tea… this is going to be a weekend project! Initial Thoughts… One of the more popular DIY projects that I’ve seen quite a bit lately are the old factory carts. Originally these carts were used in factories to move large or heavy parts from one area to another, or by railroads to move passenger luggage more efficiently. Fast forward about a hundred years to today, and you’ll find little to no purpose for these big heavy carts in their original…

How to make a Bat House

How to make a bat house DIY

In our previous post you learned a little history of, and how to make your own sweet tea. In this edition you’ll learn how to make a bat house! You’re probably thinking why would I want to make a bat house that’s kinda scary?! Actually, bats have gotten a bad rap they can be very beneficial to an area especially if you are trying to control the local insect population. I don’t know about the area that you’re from but here in Central Florida in the summer months the mosquito’s can at times become almost unbearable where you can’t walk from your front door to your mailbox without getting “eaten up.” I did some research online, and found that a single bat can eat up…