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You like history? So do we and you’ll find that in a few of our tea posts that focus on the history of this lovely beverage.

A great auction find!

William H. Ukers is a man whose name has been mentioned in many of my posts and that I reference quite often when researching new topics and postings. His book All About Tea is the most in depth book on the subject ever written at 1153 pages over two volumes. In reading All About Tea I began to try to learn more about Mr. Ukers and often wondered how monumental the task of researching such a massive book must have been. Not to mention the many other books he wrote including All About Coffee, which if it is anywhere as in depth as his tea book I wonder if he ever slept! My research into the life of Mr. Ukers has yet to turn up much at all. It seems…

The best Vintage Tea Books

I’m big on history, it was always one of my favorite subjects growing up. Taking a step back into the past to see how things were done at different points in time can be quite fascinating, and gives you an idea into how and why things were done. My love for tea has certainly meshed with my love for history as I’ve scoured a variety of sources seeking out the best vintage tea books, many written in the 17-1800’s. To gain the direct perspective of the tea farmer or plantation owner during the time of the British Empire’s rule over much of the tea growing world brings their stories alive. To learn the early techniques from planting to growing and experimentation are great foundations for building a deep knowledge…

The Age of the Tea Clipper Ships

The age of the Tea Clipper Ships
There are those moments in history when something comes along that completely changes everything. They are those things that make everything else seem irrelevant and for good reason. Perhaps in recent history, the unveiling of the original iPhone was one of those moments. Here you have everyone walking around with flip phones and a "smartphone" bursts on the scene that suddenly makes the flip phone seem useless. The Age of the Tea Clipper Ships was much the same. It seemingly came out of nowhere, with many doubters.. those who said it would never be a reliable ship. I. The Invention & Early Years After the loss of its tea monopoly in India, the East India Company began to see a natural rise in competition that...

Tea Mania

The Tea Mania

There are times throughout the history of man where greed has replaced common sense to the point of absolute madness. It often starts with a few people becoming wealthy or finding success in a certain industry or field. Others soon jump in perhaps finding their own success. Finally, the average citizen that knows nothing of the industry and only knows of untold sums of wealth invests his entire life savings only to end up losing it all as the bottom falls out. We have a great example of this in recent times being the 2007/2008 collapse. In the years leading up to 2008 everyone was making money in real estate, I mean stupid stuff like people buying homes in the morning only to sell them…

A history of Tea in 500 words

A History of tea in 500 words

I would like to introduce you to a history of tea in 500 words. You can’t finish your cup of tea that fast! It is widely accepted that the Camellia Sinensis (tea tree) traces its origins to South East Asia. While we don’t know the exact details of who first made tea from the plant we do know that it has been consumed in China for thousands of years. Early on tea was collected and processed from wild plants. The earliest known tea plantations were in Szechuan Province China. Tea remained a regional beverage for years until it was popularized by Lu Yu (733–804), who wrote The Classic of Tea and performed somewhat of a “re-branding” of tea changing the name from Jia 檟 which…