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Contrary to popular belief, some people actually drink their tea without sugar.. huh?! When it comes to what we in the South like to call “UN-sweetened or Northern tea” you’ll find those posts listed here.

How Earl Grey Tea got its name

How Earl Grey Tea got its name

In so much of the world around us, we tend to do things simply because that is the way it has been. Have you ever wondered why it is we cut down trees, put them in our homes to be decorated and place presents under them? I’ve had a thousand of these types of questions, and always love finding the history behind some of the traditions we hold so dear. With this premise in mind I’ve decided to find some of the meanings and origins behind the popular terms in the world of tea. I’ll call this the Origins Series. To start this series, we’ll focus on how Earl Grey tea got its name…   Earl Grey Tea One of the most popular and storied…

A history of Tea in 500 words

A History of tea in 500 words

I would like to introduce you to a history of tea in 500 words. You can’t finish your cup of tea that fast! It is widely accepted that the Camellia Sinensis (tea tree) traces its origins to South East Asia. While we don’t know the exact details of who first made tea from the plant we do know that it has been consumed in China for thousands of years. Early on tea was collected and processed from wild plants. The earliest known tea plantations were in Szechuan Province China. Tea remained a regional beverage for years until it was popularized by Lu Yu (733–804), who wrote The Classic of Tea and performed somewhat of a “re-branding” of tea changing the name from Jia 檟 which…

What is Green Tea?

What is Green Tea

In our last little get together we explored black tea and what it is, this go around we’ll answer the question that likely keeps you up hours each night.. What is Green Tea? OK, so chances are if anything is keeping you up hours each night it isn’t that question, more likely it would be the fact that you indulged in too much tea before bed. When thinking of green tea, likely the first thing that comes to mind is the health benefits that go along with this type of tea. Since everything you read on the internet is absolutely 100% true (and that’s a fact!) there is definitely no inaccurate information out there for you to worry about. All kidding aside, I won’t go…

What is Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

What is Black Tea? If you’ve spent any amount of time around the Sweet Tea Junkie brand whether browsing our website or hanging out with us at any of the many events we attend throughout the year then you likely know that we offer a variety of premium teas, including our signature blend, which is appropriately named Handcrafted Black Tea. When we think of “tea” in the United States, and more importantly “Sweet Tea in the South” it is almost always black tea that we are actually referring to whether we know it or not. One of the most recent estimates given by the Tea Association of the United States (and with a name like that I’d guess they know tea) states that black tea…

Where does tea come from?

Where does tea come from?

The question, where does tea come from? May or may not have crossed your mind while sipping a tall glass of Iced Sweet Tea, or unsweet tea.. if that’s your thing?! At any rate, most of us have no idea where that beautiful liquid gold comes from before it makes its way to our local grocery store or tea shop. When I started Sweet Tea Junkie in late 2005 all I knew was that I really liked Sweet Tea and that folks liked the idea of my “Sweet Tea Shirts,” the question of “Where does tea come from?” simply never entered my thinking. That is until late 2011 early 2012 when I began to seriously consider expanding the Sweet Tea Junkie brand to include our…

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