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We are frequently asked questions about our company, teas, tea shirts and even a couple really odd questions which I’ll leave off of this page for the sake of you the reader. Some of the most common questions we receive are listed below.

Have a question for us? Send it over to mail@sweetteajunkie.com with the subject line ” FAQ ” and if it’s a really good one we’ll answer it and post it here.

What year did you begin in business??

Sweet Tea Junkie was founded in 2005, read Our Story

How did you come up with the business name??

The name Sweet Tea Junkie came from a waitress at IHOP. She used to call a group of friends who stopped in for breakfast a few times a week the “Sweet Tea Junkies” as they would drink 5-6 glasses of Sweet Tea each, per visit.

Where are you located??

Sweet Tea Junkie was founded in, and is currently headquartered in beautiful and sunny (ie. if you visit during the summertime you’re going to wonder why people live here because its so hot) Sebring, Florida.

Who is the Founder of Sweet Tea Junkie??

Michael Dorman is our founder and owner. He also serves as our taster and blend master, ensuring that each single sourced tea or tea blend meets strict quality standards.

What makes your tea better than tea from the grocery store??

We source our teas using only the finest tasting tea leaves available. Most of the tea you find at the grocery store are of the “Fannings” or “Tea Dust” classifications. This in basic terms means the tea leaves have been destroyed and stuffed into a tea bag (for the sake of convenience), this results in generally a much lower quality of tea.

Our teas are loose leaf and whole leaf, this means that the actual leaves that were plucked from the Camellia Sinensis (tea bush) are either wholly intact or mostly intact. When steeping, this allows for the entire leaf to open up filling your glass with a burst of the highest quality flavor. We pride ourselves in providing you with great tasting, high quality tea.

Do your teas come pre-sweetened??

No, while our name is Sweet Tea Junkie our teas contain no sugar or sweeteners. This is done so that you have the freedom to sweeten the teas to your precise liking (or leave them un-sweetened).

What if I don't like Sweet or Iced Tea??

While our teas are sourced and blended with the goal of the absolute best glass of Iced Sweet Tea in the South, they all make incredibly delicious hot teas. See individual product descriptions for our recommendations.

I want to order, is your site secure??

Yes, we use high level SSL security to safeguard all transactions through our website. The information that you provide to us is yours, and will never be sold or given to third parties. We hate spam, and believe in the Golden Rule!

I had a question.. but forgot what it is?!?

Sounds like you could use some tea!

What is the "Love YOUR Tea Guarantee?"?

If you don’t love YOUR Tea within the first 90 days of purchase through our website, simply email us at mail@sweetteajunkie.com and we will be happy to send you another pouch on us.