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Interview Series: Southern Bite

Southern Bite Interview

Welcome to the second installment of our Interview Series. This time I had the honor to speak with Stacey Little of SouthernBite.com. I have known Stacey for about a year now and have been impressed by the way he runs his business. After trying a few of the recipes on his website I was hooked! He knows good food!

If you’re thinking.. “where do I know that guy from,” it may be because you’ve seen Stacey on national television sharing his recipes on both the Today show and Fox and Friends.

Stacey also has a great cookbook appropriately named “The Southern Bite Cookbook.”


Southern Bite Interview

Tell us about yourself and your business
I’m a food blogger, cookbook author, recipe developer and food stylist, but the titles I like best are daddy, husband, son and friend.  My blog Southern Bite is all about helping folks get a delicious home cooked meal on the table.

How did you get started? What year did you start?
Southern Bite started as a restaurant review site in 2008 and after posting some recipes for friends after a party, the recipe side of the site just exploded.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Today, we have more than a half million folks visit the blog every month.

What drives the passion for what you do?
Along this path, I discovered that many families don’t sit down at the table together in the evenings for a meal.  We’re all stretched so thin and headed in so many directions, it’s hard to do that.  As a result, I’ve made it my mission to help folks get a home cooked meal on the table that is both easy and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.  Giving people these simple recipes gives them a better opportunity to cook a meal and sit down as a family.
If you had to pick just one recipe as your favorite, which one would it be?
I get asked this all the time and I always say, “That’s like picking your favorite child!”  But for me, my favorites would be the recipes that have been passed down through my family like my grandmother’s Hoop Cheese Mac and Cheese or my grandfather’s Lemon Icebox Pie.
What advice do you have for people looking to start in business?
I think that regardless of what area of business your going in to, you have to have a passion for it.  It’s easy to have a job, but having passion for something makes it more than just a job.  For me, I never really put much thought into how much passion I had for food.  Looking back at it now, it’s quite often that we don’t see how important the things are that are constants in our lives.  Food is like that.  It was always there, so it just wasn’t a big deal.  Having a passion for what you do means you won’t have to go to work a day in your life!
Name one resource (website, blog, person etc.) that you follow regularly
I’m a big fan of my friend Christy Jordan and follow her blog www.SouthernPlate.com along with a host of other amazing bloggers.
What is your favorite type of tea?
Sweet, of course!
What is your website address and how can our readers contact you?