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A great auction find!

William H. Ukers is a man whose name has been mentioned in many of my posts and that I reference quite often when researching new topics and postings. His book All About Tea is the most in depth book on the subject ever written at 1153 pages over two volumes.

In reading All About Tea I began to try to learn more about Mr. Ukers and often wondered how monumental the task of researching such a massive book must have been. Not to mention the many other books he wrote including All About Coffee, which if it is anywhere as in depth as his tea book I wonder if he ever slept!

My research into the life of Mr. Ukers has yet to turn up much at all. It seems that there is very little available on the man that brought so much to the tea (and coffee) industries. I was however recently able to find what I consider an amazing historical piece from Mr. Ukers at auction.

During his research for All About tea Mr. Ukers undoubtedly sent out hundreds of these same requests across the globe. This document however is the only one I have been able to find available for public sale to date so I had to grab it up. While this isn’t one of my typical posts I know some of you will find this just an amazing as I did. It looks so much more amazing in person and I can’t wait to frame it up and display it in my office.

Research Document Request by William H. Ukers


Transcript of Document:

William H. Ukers, Editor      H. DeGraff Ukers, Treasurer      O.W Simmons, Advertising Manager


“The Blue Book of the Trade”
The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
For the Tea, Coffee, Spice and Fine Grocery Trades

Published on the tenth of each month at
79 Wall Street, New York
Cable address: TEACOFTRAD

April 17, 1929

The Hon. Secretary,
Royal Institution of Great Britain,
21 Albermarle St.,
London, W. 1,

Dear Sir,

Will you be so kind as to advise me if it is possible to purchase for my reference library a copy of the Journal of the Society of Arts vol. XXXV. 1887, containing a paper on “The Indian Tea Industry” by Dr. J. Berry White, and if so at what price?

In case the Institution has no spare copy of this issue that can be sold, I would greatly appreciate any suggestion from you as to where one might be obtained.

Faithfully Yours,

William H. Ukers